Soil & "Pimp" Sessions Live at the H&H This Friday

This Friday 14th October Leftfoot and Mostly Jazz Funk & Soul Festival will be joining forces to bring Japan’s Soil & “Pimp” Sessions to the H&H.

The band were born out of Tokyo’s club scene back in 2001, when Shacho and Tabu Zombie started including live jam sessions in DJ sets. Gradually the other members were invited, the band’s line-up was finalised and the DJ sets dropped. The band’s live sets started to create a buzz  and they quickly gained a reputation  as one of the most energetic live performers on the scene, which led to the coining of the term “death jazz” to describe their music. Check out the video for their single ‘Pop Korn’ below;

Advance £16 tickets are on sale now, you can get hold of yours by clicking here.