Meet your new favourite band... Dry Cleaning

Enigmatic new post-punk band from London, Dry Cleaning, have taken the UK touring world by storm. They play here for This Is Tmrw next month, tickets are available here.

“Buzzy London foursome Dry Cleaning are spoiling us today with the announcement of their debut EP, ‘Sweet Princess’, and lead track, ‘The Magic of Meghan’. With the EP set for release on August 16th, the post-punk newbies are showing us what to expect from the six-track record with a celebratory song about the Duchess of Sussex. Why not, eh?

“Dry Cleaning think Meghan is really great,” the band explain. “The song acknowledges that following the lives of those in the public eye can provide people with an escape; an outlet for difficult emotions, and subsequently help them to cope with hard times in their lives. The song is, in part, intended to serve as a thank you to Meghan for this service (‘You got engaged on the day that I moved out. It’s ok. She’s a smasher, perfectly suited to the role.’). The song also aims to highlight how the news media dissect her decisions (‘Never has one outfit been designed, to send so many messages’) and the creative ways they conceal the misogyny and racism that is sometimes behind what they write about her (‘You’re just what England needs, you’re going to change us.’)”” – DIY Magazine

Check out their video for ‘The Magic of Meghan’ below.