TOMORROW NIGHT! Jigsawmusic x Luke Unabomber
September 20th, 2018

We’re pleased to announce that the iconic club night Jigsawmusic are celebrating 15 years this September, and will be welcoming Manchester legend Luke Unabomber to help with the proceedings tomorrow night, Friday 21st. Tickets are available here!

Luke Unabomber and DJ partner Justin Unabomber founded the Electric Chair club night in Manchester some time after the middle half of the 1990s. The night was, in part, a reaction to the strict house music sound that had dominated Manchester’s clubs since the late 1980s, but had veered off course musically since the spirited days of acid house and was burdened with associations to gang violence.

Electric Chair ripped up the rule book. It wasn’t the first club night to offer an eclectic soundtrack, but alongside Manchester contributors like Mr Scruff, the Fat City connected nights and others, Electric Chair helped establish a fresh, new Manchester club sound that was at the time unique within the UK.

As resident DJs, The Unabombers had their own special way of building a night’s soundtrack with this multi music format. It took in hip hop and other breakbeat music and generally built in tempo to cover funk, soul, disco and house music.
‘Luke Unabomber is the detonator of all that is explosive about the modern Mancunian nightclub experience. In 1995 he began the Electric Chair in the decrepit old Roadhouse, mopping up the margins that had tired of the superannuated disco dollies and gangsters then souring the city’s acid house dreams. Three years later he added Homoelectric to his folio, the clubs’ gay cousin, which came with its own witty fanzine and a pleasing habit of finishing each night of its earliest incarnation with a rousingly narcotic rendition of Soft Cell’s Say Hello, Wave Goodbye. Last year Luke helped to furnish the old Manchester crew with The Refuge, a hotel bar and restaurant at the Principal, in the old Palace Assurance building on Oxford Road. It’s a spot that has delightfully upended the night-time proclivities of a twin demographic, those that were there to witness the birth of Factory Records’ Dry Bar (RIP) and those that weren’t born at the time.

Almost twenty years into its heritage, Homoelectric is currently enjoying a particularly pleasing renaissance. “It’s just fucking brilliant,” explains the third cog in its resident’s wheel. Gina Breeze is part of the triumvirate of deck wizards that make the club feel and look like home. Her more seasoned alumni are Jamie Bull, voted by the people as DJ of the Year in the Manchester Evening News annual poll twice running, and Will Tramp, recent star of the city’s celebratory nightlife documentary, Manchester Keeps On Dancing. Guests who have come to spin at Homoelectric in 2017 include Prosumer (“almost uncomfortably rammed”) and Nicky Siano. “I mean, I know what Studio 54 is,” says Gina, “but I’m learning a lot from Luke. For him, getting Nicky to play the night really was a bit of a religious experience.” – I-D Magazine

Check out a Boilerroom from Luke’s Homoelectric Manchester club night below:

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