New Show: Radiator Hospital
February 28th, 2018

We’re delighted to announce that we will be welcoming Radiator Hospital to Hare & Hounds on Tuesday 8th May!

After a small mountain of tape releases, EPs and a couple more official albums, Philly punk romantics Radiator Hospital released their latest album Play The Songs You Like in October last year. Titles like “Pastoral Radio Hit”, “Long Distance Dedication” and “Dance Number” hint at a through-line of thought for the album, a collection of songs not only about how songs themselves affect our lives, but how the same song can mean wildly different things to different people and how that meaning can change over time.

It’s fitting that this album observes how songs track major shifts and growth, as it marks a huge upward move for Radiator Hospital in terms of both production and collaboration. The band started as the solo vehicle for Sam Cook-Parrott’s lovelorn hissy bedroom recordings, and evolved slowly over the years into a hybrid of those lo-fi beginnings and an increasingly more stable full-band line up. Recorded by studio magician Jeff Zeigler (War On Drugs, Mary Lattimore, Kurt Vile) PTSYL features a completely locked-in Radiator Hospital projecting in high definition. Singer/guitarist Cook-Parrott, along with guitarist/singer Cynthia Schemmer, drummer Jeff Bolt and bassist Jon Rybicki rip through 16 melodic blasts of devotion, yearning, and reflection on the songs in the background that shape our worlds.

Tickets are now on sale and can be picked up here for £7.

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