New Show: Jimothy Lacoste
June 7th, 2018

We’re delighted to announce that SJM Concerts will be welcoming viral internet sensation Jimothy Lacoste to Hare & Hounds on Tuesday 25th September!

When Jimothy Lacoste wrote “Getting Busy!”, he didn’t realise it would become a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s a totally absurd bedroom pop jam about the importance of staying organised, with giddy iPad synth hooks and lyrics half-rapped in Jimothy’s distinctive north London drawl. “When I made that track, my schedule wasn’t busy at all”, Jimothy says, meeting in a central London café. “But I said to everyone, ‘This is the song for my future.’ Little did I know, my schedule is really busy now. I reckon in two or three years I will hire a maid.”

A typical reaction to a Jimothy video will go from ‘this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen’ to ‘this is the best thing I’ve ever seen’, usually within the course of one song. They tend to show the 18-year-old – real name Timothy Gonzales – dancing, showing off his irrepressible style, climbing on bus stops, surfing on the back of trains, and generally getting up to no good. The videos look lo-fi, but watch closely and you’ll recognise the ingenuity of it all. They’ve recently gone viral, jumping from a few thousand plays to over a hundred thousand in a matter of weeks.

But Jimothy is more than a meme – he’s a DIY star in the making, bringing a sense of playfulness to UK music with genuine hooks, the razor sharp observational humour of Mike Skinner, and a positive message. “Drugs” is an anti-Xanax anthem, while “Future Bae” is about the joy of commitment. His new video “Subway System” was filmed across the London Underground, which holds a special place in Jimothy’s heart. “I always liked trains when I was young,” Jimothy says. “I’ve always rode the lines when I was young, up and down, to the middle of nowhere and all the way back. In the video I’m just having fun in my natural environment. I’m doing my thing, I’m being me.”

Tickets go on sale Friday 8th June at 10AM and can be picked up here.

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