New Show: Jigsawmusic 15th Birthday with Luke Unabomber
August 2nd, 2018

We’re pleased to announce that Jigsawmusic will be celebrating 15 years this September, and will be welcoming Manchester legend Luke Unabomber to help with the proceedings.

Luke Unabomber and DJ partner Justin Unabomber founded the Electric Chair club night in Manchester some time after the middle half of the 1990s. The night was, in part, a reaction to the strict house music sound that had dominated Manchester’s clubs since the late 1980s, but had veered off course musically since the spirited days of acid house and was burdened with associations to gang violence.

Electric Chair ripped up the rule book. It wasn’t the first club night to offer an eclectic soundtrack, but alongside Manchester contributors like Mr Scruff, the Fat City connected nights and others, Electric Chair helped establish a fresh, new Manchester club sound that was at the time unique within the UK.

As resident DJs, The Unabombers had their own special way of building a night’s soundtrack with this multi music format. It took in hip hop and other breakbeat music and generally built in tempo to cover funk, soul, disco and house music.

With such a free music policy they were able to invite incredibly varied guest DJs to join them, some known as specialists in reggae or hip hop, others for techno, house or disco. They, in turn, could sometimes offer at Electric Chair a wildly different set from their usual shows, let loose on the furthest reaches of their record collections thanks to the club’s anything (good) goes music policy.

From Electric Chair the duo expanded their portfolio. They took on international DJ dates and founded a clandestine, sporadic and nomadic sister party the Electric Soul events. Luke joined Justin, who had long been associated with music making as a bass player (most notably in New Fast Automatic Daffodils) and later as solo artist Only Child, in the studio.

The fruits of their studio efforts were a series of re-edits on their own label, several well received mix compilations and original music produced under the Elektrons guise, the latter being released by Wall Of Sound (below).

Tickets are on sale now for just £5 and can be picked up here.

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