Hare & Hounds Supper Clubs
March 10th, 2017

We’ve got a new series of food pop ups at the Hare & Hounds Kings Heath kicking off next Thursday 16th March with Sadie’s Kitchen, followed by The Sudanese Kitchen on Thursday 23rd March then Low ‘N’ Slow on Thursday 30th March and finally Yogiyo – Korean Kitchen on Thursday 6th April! Tickets and full menus for all the pop ups can be found below;

Sadie’s Kitchen Supper Club – 3 Courses for £25

Ackee & Saltfish – A tasty mixture of salted cod with gently fried onions, peppers, tomatoes & Scotch bonnet Served with plantains & fried dumpling and samphire garnish

Spicy Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup (V) -A velvety smooth soup made with ginger, thyme & chilli Topped with toasted pumpkin seeds, a swirl of coconut cream served with fried dumpling

Brown Chicken Stew – A traditional Jamaican stew of chicken, peppers sweet carrots with spice mixture including allspice, paprika, coriander & cumin. Served with rice and peas.

Jerk Vegetable Medley A selection of lovely oven roasted vegetables coated in spicy jerk marinade including cauliflower, peppers, aubergine, baby sweetcorn & onions and served with Sadie’s Caribbean sweet potato champ

Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee Brownies or Bread & Butter Pudding with Banana, Coconut and Chocolate, both served with Vanilla Ice cream

 Sudanese Kitchen – 3 Courses for £20 

Adas شوربة عدس Red lentil soup infused with garlic, cumin and lime.
Mezze of dips and salads with flatbread: Mish: spicy yoghurt dip مش Salatat Dekwa: peanut salad سلطة دكوة Salatat Aswad: aubergine dip سلطة باذنجان
Agashé أقاشيLamb skewers in a spiced peanut marinade served with rice and mixed saladRijla رجلة
Purslane stew with kisra sour bread sheets (v)

Kunafa كنافة بالجبنةKunafa with cheese

Karkade كركديه Red hibiscus / Tabaldi تبلدي Baobabs fruit
 Sweet heat BBQ chicken tostada. Home made corn tortilla. Burnt pineapple and scotch bonnet salsa. lime crema. Coriander.
 DIY oak smoked beef rib tacos. Home made corn tortilla. House pickles. Pico de gallo. Burnt tomatillo and morita chilli salsa. Lemon herb slaw. Crema.
 Tres Leche ice cream, smoked and candied pecans, salted caramel.
 For bookings: lownslowbookings@gmail.com – Limited availability, first booking 6.30pm.
 Happy Chicken
Korean Fried Chicken or Sweet potato (v) with Spicy Gochujang, pickles and Pajeon pancake.
Miso soup with noodles, vegetables and Tofu (v)
 Grand sharing platter of Roast Pork Bo Ssam or Galbi Aubergine (v), Lettuce wraps, Kimchi, pickles and Sushi rice.
 85% Dark chocolate, miso caramel, peanut mousse and pickled pear

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