Down to the last 20 tickets for BC Camplight!
October 18th, 2018

We’re down to the last 20 tickets for American. multi-instrumentalist BC Camplight’s show here at the Hare & Hounds next Tuesday! Support comes from London band Psychic Markers. Tickets available here.

“Lost treasure needn’t be found in the distant past; the 21st century had artists that didn’t find their place before disappearing into the great wide yonder. Such as new Bella Union signing BC Camplight. The alter ego of American songwriter Brian Christinzio released two albums, Run, Hide Away (2005) and Blink Of A Nihilist (2007), both gems of a certain psych-pop vintage, investing buoyant pop tropes with wistful and pensive emotion, combining songwriting eloquence and a troubled soul prone to self-destruction. Christinzio certainly knew it – in 2012, he described himself as, “the guy who blew it.”

But this sublime, maverick spirit, with a matching high-pitched, keening vocal and fearless approach to lyrical introspection, has another chance.

It’s a new record, recorded on a new continent, after Christinzio followed the instructions of his first album title: he ran, he hid. Living in Philadelphia, Christinzio reckoned that he’d, “be dead or in jail if I stayed,” so figuring he had one last chance to make the record he’d always dreamt of, he moved to Manchester, England. He played his best shows there; he had friends too, prepared to provide shelter on arrival.”


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